Simple Stevia Lemonade

Lemonade—sweet, sour, sitting-under-a-tree-on-a-summer-day lemonade.

A pitcher of lemonade doesn't last long around our family. But I don't think anyone enjoys it more than I do. If we happen to have lemons on hand, I'm sure to make a gallon of it and drink it all up! At least that's what I have in mind.

Since we're on the health conscious side, we use sweeteners like honey, or our latest favorite, stevia.

And here it is! "Susi's Yummy, Dummy, Healthy Lemonade" also known as...

Simple Stevia Lemonade
Makes 1 gallon

4 Lemons
1 tsp. Liquid Stevia
Ice, enough to half fill a gallon size pitcher.
Water to fill

Cut a few lemon slices and put aside for garnishing (optional). Cut lemons in half and squeeze into pitcher. Slice squeezed lemons and add to the juice. Add water, then stevia. Stir. Use more or less lemons or stevia to get it just right. Garnish glasses with lemon slices. Serve immediately....before the ice melts!

Enjoy your lemonade-Susan


Miss Amy said...

Yummy! :-)
Just wondering, how much honey do you put in it if you use honey for sweetener? :-)

Miss Amy said...

BTW, I gave you ladies an award at tea time! :-)

Susan said...

Oh!! Thank you! :D

It would probably take 3/4 to a cup of honey, I'm not positive though, I'll have to make some soon! :D It really depends on how you like it, I like a balance of sweet and sour but not too much of either. :D

Miss Amy said...

Ok!! Thanks so much!! :-)

And you are most welcome! I just LOVE this blog!! :-)

Susan said...

Thanks Amy!! :D I really like your blog too!