Recipe Review: Mint Punch

Mint Punch
1 c. sugar
1 c. fresh mint leaves (crushed)
2 c. water
Juice from 6 lemons (which is about 3T each)
Ginger ale
Make a sirup of the sugar and water. Add crushed mint leaves to the hot sirup and let stand until cool. Strain. Add the juice of six lemons.
Fill 1/3 of each glass with the mint-sugar sirup, add crushed ice and fill with ginger ale. Stir well, and serve immediately. Carbonated or plain water can be used instead of ginger ale. A sprig of fresh mint in each glass is attractive. -Everyday Foods, by Harris - Lacey

If you've ever tried mint-lemonade, than you already have a pretty good idea how this punch tastes. Now, I don't know if everyone else felt, or feels, this way, but when I first heard of mint-lemonade, I wasn't very enthusiastic, mint and lemon just didn't mix in my mind. But I was pleasantly surprised, it was actually quite nice.
This punch is like a carbonated version. And it was very tasty, but maybe just a tad sweet for me. And I think I would showcase the mint a little more, so less of the lemon. We definitely want to try it with the plain carbonated water, as suggested.

And here is the book it came from. I'm not sure where we picked it up, but we are always on the look out for old "how-to" books. Everyday Foods, is by Jessie W. Harris and Elisabeth Lacey Speer, and was written for
high-school students. So it's not just a recipe book, it also has a bunch of great info on preserving and storing food, a balanced diet, planning menus, etc.

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