Teeccino, Mocha, Herbal Coffee

Teeccino is a caffeine free blend of roasted herbs, grains, fruits and nuts. They say on the can that it is high in potassium, and inulin.
It can be enjoyed on its own, or mixed with your regular coffee to reduce caffeine and acidity.
It's brewed just like coffee.

And can be served hot...

...or cold.
I can't say I loved it; you just can't beat good old coffee!! :P But as an alternative, it's pretty good. It looks like coffee, brews like coffee; really the only thing missing is the "caffeine".

I've also tried these coffee substitutes: Postum and Celestial Seasonings "Roastaroma" Of the three I think Roastaroma tastes the best and Teeccino is most like coffee. I just read that Postum has been discontinued! That's too bad!

I think it would be fun to compare all the substitute coffees and see which one is best.