Allegro, Kenya Grand Cru

I'd say 4 out of 5. (I'm saving 5 for the ultimate coffee, I expect I'll know it when I sip it)

My sister, Abi, picked this one up last time she was at Whole Foods in KC.
     Sometime or another, I must have gotten a cup of this particular kind to sip while I strolled around the store, because the aroma immediately reminded me of being at Whole Foods.

It said on the package 'light roast', I usually don't like light, but this was quite nice. I'm not fond of anything too bold, but also not too mild either. Happy medium.

I prefer to have plenty of cream and a little bit of stevia with my coffee. I told Susi one time that if someone is drinking their coffee black than they are only drinking it for the caffeine. Okay, I know it's a bad idea to make sweeping generalizations like that. So I take it back.
     But are their people out there who actually like the taste of black coffee? Tolerable, maybe, but not exactly enjoyable. Okay, I know there is some who say they do. But did they start out liking it that way? Acquired taste? :P :D


Miss Amy said...

Hehe! My Uncle drinks it black because he can't have lactose, and I guess he just likes it black! I don't like coffee at all (except for the wonderful smell and cozy feeling it brings!), but I don't think I could ever drink it black! Hehe!

Susan said...

I prefer my coffee with five teaspoons of sugar... hehe! :D

B.K. said...

Lactose intolerant, that is a good reason. :)

Lezlie said...

I always drink my coffee black. That's the way I like it!!! The only time I 'doctor' it is if I'm drinking decaf (which is usually sub-par coffee). Glad we have something else in common. I didn't know you girls liked coffee.

B.K. said...

My family sometimes tease me that I like a little coffee with my sugar and milk :)

Susan said...

Ugh! Decaf! :P hehe!