St. Dalfour, Organic Golden Peach Tea

Peach. I love the smell, the taste, everything! Pie, yogurt, the fresh fruit. I love peach.

But I don't like ginger, why it's so often in peach teas, I don't know. I find that it completely over powers the peach flavor.
     I'm always on the look out for a peach tea without any ginger in it. I picked this one up at a local grocery store in the international foods section, but you can also find it various places online.

I liked this tea cold better than hot, with plenty of sweetener (sugar was preferred) and maybe a little bit of milk.
     On the box it said that if steeped too long it can get rather bitter, which I found to be true. Just a couple minute max.
     I thought the best way to enjoy this drink would be to make a larger batch and then store it in the fridge, let it get plenty cold, could be sweetened before or each glass individually. I usually don't like using ice to chill a drink, especially with the peach teas, because the flavor is rather mild, and any dilution can ruin it.


Miss Amy said...

I LOVE peach tea!! :-)

B.K. said...

What is your favorite? I have to say the best peach tea I have ever tasted, is the Giant Peach by Tazo.

Susan said...

Yep Becca is a... (What's that word?) hehe :D

B.K. said...

Excuse me.
I can not imagine what word you might be searching for.

Susan said...

Um, :P Well...

Becca is a sucker for peach tea.

Except I don't like that word :P

Miss Amy said...

Hehe!! Me too! :OD I will check on the brand names that I liked, and get back to you!! :-)