Product Review: Arizona, Southern Style Sweet Tea

Not this Thursday, but the last, actually... it was Friday, Rebecca and I were washing the laundry and after we got everything going we headed next door to the gas station for something to drink. Most of the time we get coffee, but with our new self inflicted ban on buying coffee drinks, we were looking for something different. My first reaction to this was "ooooooh!" then "oh" then "ooooooooh!" (hehe!), after realizing there were steamboats on the label. I was sold.

Well truthfully I wasn't as thrilled with the flavor as I was with the lovely label... but I think I would buy it again. I like iced tea and that's what it tasted like :D. It wasn't too sweet for me. I only wish the tea was a little stronger.

Rebi... said I was holding the can like a bottle of beer!! And me a teetotaler! I don't know where she gets ideas like that! hehe. (you should see how I react to the glare of a camera lens! :P )

And the best part of all! It was only 99 cents!

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