Product Review: The Republic of Tea, Ginger Peach

As I have mentioned before, I'm not fond of ginger. Why did I get some ginger peach tea then?

Well, I had a faint memory of liking this one, and it's not that bad.

The ginger is very mild, non of that bite that I dislike so much. Of course it doesn't live up to my favorite peach tea (tazo's Giant Peach), but it was nice. Chilled is best, in my opinion, and there was pretty much no bitterness.

I got this tea at the Whole Foods in KC, but it can also be purchased at
The Republic of Tea.com


Lindsey Johnson said...

I love this site "Sippen" it is neat because I have been taking my photography classes and I love the angle you took these pictures it is really cool. GOOD JOB !

Lindsey Johnson said...

I love this site "Sippen" it is really cool I would not change a thing, besides add more pictures because they are so cool!!!!

B.K. said...

Hey! :) Glad you like it, we haven't been doing much lately, plain on busy! :P :)
Yeah, these were some fun photos to take. Love photography!